October 27, 2016

Second Baby Gender Reveal

* Boy or Girl?! *
I know you guys have been waiting for a long time for this post! Thanks for bearing with me and having patiently awaited until the gender reveal pics were ready!

So, without further ado, here it comes! Our second baby is a...

 BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost everyone thought we were having a girl this time around! So if you're one of the ones who thought so, please comment below to let me know why! :p Also, on yesterday's Instagram post, a lot of you thought the surprise I was referring to was that we were having twins!!! Definitely not, what I meant is barely anyone bet for a boy, and that's what our little one is!

It's a little prince we've been blessed with!!! And the other major reveal... His name...

* NOAM *

Noam is a name of Hebrew origin, and it means "pleasantness, charm, tenderness".
I think Noam is really similar to Liam, and I love these two names for the 2 brothers! They are going to be 2.5 years apart, and I'm not sure I can handle so much cuteness! :p

It took me a while to decide on Holi Powder for this gender reveal. You may remember we did Liam's with balloons! I love the result and we could have never done it without the help of our friend KC Leung, our photographer for the day. These pictures require so much movement, it would have been impossible to take them as we usually do, with a tripod.

Baby Noam is due in less than 15 weeks, and we all love him so much already it's crazy! Liam likes kissing mommy's belly and even pronounces Noam's name better than his own haha! 

I hope you liked the pictures, we put so much love in them and hopefully we can show them to our Noam one day! <3 Thanks for reading!


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