September 22, 2016

Second Pregnancy: 20 weeks ultrasound

It seems surreal to me that I'm already halfway through my pregnancy, but I'm so glad I am because this is definitely the best half! I'm already feeling my baby kicking inside of me, my bump is showing nicely and, most importantly after thinking I was going to die in the first trimester due to morning sickness, I don't feel nauseated and my energy is back!

We went in for my 20 weeks ultrasound last week when I was 19w4d pregnant. This is probably the most important ultrasound in the whole pregnancy, because they check every single one of the baby's organs to the detail. Luckily, everything was just fine, not only with the baby but with myself as well, as the internal bleeding I had is completely cleared! We were over the moon about these news, and also about the fact the ultrasound confirmed the baby's gender as it was told to us in my 14 weeks ultrasound. Thank God, because we have been buying stuff and calling the baby the gorgeous name we have picked for her/him already!

Here are some ultrasound pics I'll treasure forever, how cute is this baby already?! Top to bottom: 12w4d, 14w5d and 19w4d.

Now, time to connect with this baby and let him/her know just how much I love him/her already! Oh, and time style my bump as well! I'm really enjoying putting together lovely maternity outfits!!! Are there any maternity fashion brands you'd recommend?



  1. You are so beautiful and slim. And your boy is so cute. Love your happy family.
    Kisses from pickweddingdresses

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