April 8, 2016

One Day Getaway from Barcelona: Banyoles + Besalú

The hubby had been asking me to go on a Sunday getaway for the whole winter, but being it so cold, who would want to go out anywhere for the whole day?? So when the weather got all spring-like we knew it was our chance! 

And so we on a 1-day getaway we went! It was the hubby who chose the location this time, and it was Banyoles, a town an hour and a half away from Barcelona. 

The most typical thing in Banyoles is its huge natural lake. Lots of water sports take place in it, and going on a stroll or riding around it is absolutely wonderful. 

We rented a couple bikes, one of which had a cute chair for Liam at the front. Honestly, I had never seen a baby chair like this one. All the ones I had ever seen were at the back, and we loved this one! Liam had a blast being able to see everything and getting a hold of the handlebar! 

During our ride around the lake, I accidentally saw a road sign to Besalú at just 7km away! Besalú is one of my favorite medieval towns ever, it's absolutely gorgeous. 

I didn't know we were that close, and of course after lunch off we went to Besalú! I did a video too and hopefully I can upload it on my YouTube channel soon :)

I would love it if you guys want to leave some 1-day or weekend getaway trip ideas (from Barcelona!) below in the comments! =)


  1. You have a beautiful family :)


  2. Love your pictures. They are stunning! Seems like you guys enjoyed your get-away :D this is def a place I'll remember if I come around Spain one day ;)

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