November 16, 2015

New AMWF YouTube Channel

Some months ago, one of my friends mentioned a YouTube channel to me that, she said, I might be interested in. Knowing as she does that it is my dream to have four kids, she recommended channel Verdeliss, the life of a stay-at-home mom who has four kids and expecting twins #5 and #6, even though she's our age! If you speak Spanish and you're interested in seeing how to run a house with 4 kids, I strongly recommend her channel to you. I myself got addicted to it and have been watching sooo many videos these last few days. I loved the idea of recording the everyday life of our family, so I decided I'd give it a shot, too! That's why I've just opened a YouTube channel, where I plan to feature our life as a (currently) AMWF family of 3, and eventually (hopefully) a family of 6! 

I love going through my old blog posts and seeing what I was up to some years ago, and I think videos get even more personal, and I will enjoy watching them later on even more. I don't have many videos of Liam's first year of life, and it's something I regret deeply. Hopefully this new YouTube project will put an end to the lack of videos! I hope you like this first video I've prepared, in which we feature our 24-hour routine on a regular day. The video was recorded on Tuesday November 10th, and it shows how our family spends a normal school/workday. 

If you do like it, please give it thumbs up, and SUBSCRIBE! <3


  1. That's what i was waiting for! :D

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