October 25, 2015

Círculo Ecuestre - 48h Open House Barcelona

This weekend Barcelona people have been lucky enough to yet another year being able to celebrate the Architecture Festival, also known as 48h Open House Barcelona, in which hundreds of buildings with architectural interest are open to the public. 

This year we chose a beautiful house from the beginning of the 20th century located in the corner of Balmes with Diagonal, nowadays known for the social club that owns it: Círculo Ecuestre. 

This amazing romantic creation was built in 1910 for a Catalan family who had made their fortune in the Philippines when it was a Spanish colony, that is, up to 1898. Once the Philippines became independent, the family decided to come back to Barcelona and build this little palace for their own use. 

Círculo Ecuestre, a social club mostly for men for networking, do business or simply relax, bought the building in 1947, and it has been its HQ ever since. 

Since it's still Sunday and most places open until 7PM, here's the list of buildings that joined this 2015 edition of 48h Open House Barcelona, in case you decide to join. Be prepared to queue for a while, though! Alternatively, buy the official guide for 3 euros and get premium access to most places avoiding the queues! :)

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