September 28, 2015


It's been a month since our trip to Amsterdam with J's parents and sister. I must admit I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about this trip, but it turned out to be much better than my expectations. I had been to Amsterdam once before and thought it was an amazingly pretty city, but without much to do. This time though, maybe because the hubby planned the whole thing so well, the four days we spent there went by faster than expected, and we all had a wonderful time.

We stayed in a lovely appartment overlooking one of the canals, so we bought yummy organic food for breakfast at Noordermarkt on Saturday, our first day in the city. Everything was so fresh and yummy, yet not expensive at all! We had delicious breakfasts every day. 

l was once again surprised by the beauty of the city. With its architecture and the canals, it's like a hybrid between London and Venice.

We went on an amazing canal cruise and may I say, it was my favorite thing! Liam enjoyed it a lot as well, he was all excited with half his body outside the window!

We also went to Zaanse Schans to visit the windmills, another of Amsterdam's landmarks. They were breathtaking indeed! 

When it comes to shopping, I absolutely adored two shops. One is Stach Food, an amazing deli concept for take-away but also for dine-in at the few tables they have. All I had the chance to try, though, were their chocolates, as you may have seen on my Instagram. Terrific! The other shop is Klevering, a nordic style decoration shop that had all of my favorite brands! Design letters, Ferm Living, Herschel, and many others. I highly recommend you visit both! Stach has actually several locations, so bumping into one shouldn't be a hassle!

Thanks hubby, for your great preparation for this trip, it made us all enjoy it oh-so much! 


  1. Beautiful pictures :)

  2. beautiful photos
    amsterdam is one of my favourite cities

  3. Such a gorgeous family.

    Jen x0x0

    Such a gorgeous family.

    Jen x


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