May 25, 2015

Barcelona Beach - A stroll

During these almost 9 months since Liam was born, lots of you have asked me to do more blog posts of our daily life with him. I myself think these kind of posts, like any of these ones, are lovely, and don't know why I haven't been posting more of them. I'll try to do more of these lifestyle posts, it's always so nice to look back at them after a while!

On Saturday I told the hubby I really felt like going to the W Hotel Barcelona. This striking sail-like structure has been in the city for almost 6 years now, and I still hadn't found the time to visit! I've heard the restaurants located on the seaside next to the hotel are a good choice, so that's something I look forward to trying out soon, too!

I was wearing our shoe brand, Xicc shoes

The weather continues to be lovely in Barcelona, albeit a bit windy. I was a bit cold by the time we got back home around 7 PM. 

I absolutely love Barcelona having all these beaches and its big port. Even if I live in the city, anytime we go on a stroll next to the sea I feel like being on holidays. Isn't it just perfect? :)


Thank you for your comments! I truly appreciate them!

xx Olivia