April 19, 2015

Food Styling & Photography Course - Final Project

If you follow me either on Instagram or on Snapchat @oliviaschoice, you'll know I've recently completed Aiala Hernando's Food Styling and Photography course. It is no secret I'm nuts for afternoon tea, and I love to blog about it and take pictures of all the cute yummy treats. As soon as I found out about this course {for which I was on waiting list for several months!}, I knew it was made for me. Now that it's come to an end, I look back and realise that, with two projects per week, it was way more demanding than I thought it would be, and the level was pretty tough. Some of my classmates were professional photographers, so I definitely was on another level, but that was perfectly fine to me. I learned more than I ever thought I would, and I couldn't recommend this course enough for all the foodies out there!

Today I wanted to share my final project. The aim was to recreate a kind of story through pictures. Mine intended to be the story of a simple juice recipe {orange, lemon, cinnamon}, to be sipped on warm afternoon in a coutryside house. I hope you like it!

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