March 17, 2015

Brunchelona Barcelona - Cup&Cake L'illa Diagonal

cup&cake illa diagonal

Brunchelona, Cup&Cake's new branch, opened yesterday afternoon in Barcelona's mall L'illa Diagonal. It's the first of their shops to be located in a shopping mall, and I think L'illa will benefit tremendously from this new addition. As with all Cup&Cake branches, decoration is looked after till the last detail, resulting in a young, cozy cafe. Stunning as this may sound, some tables here are even smaller than a seat, allowing for plenty of sitting spots in the outer area.

brunchelona barcelona

brunchelona illa diagonal

Cupcakes are served at an incredible speed, yet luckily there's always replenishments coming from the kitchen :) Yesterday we had a red velvet, a croccanti and a lemon one. There's no doubt Cup&Cake's cupcakes are the best in all Barcelona.

cup&cake illa diagonal

I like the name of this place: Brunchelona, Brunch + Barcelona. Who knows, it may be an omen and this will become the best branch of them all for a perfect Sunday brunch in Barcelona! 

cup&cake illa diagonal

Visited on: March 16, 2015
Overall Quality: 4.5* Trendy and pretty as they may be, seats without a backrest aren't comfy for too long!
Price: Unbeatable: 1.5€ for a cafe latte and 2.5€ for a cupcake
Value for Money? 5*
Would I recommend it? Certainly. This and EscribĂ  (also recently opened) are the best places for afternoon tea at L'illa Diagonal.

cup and cake illa
Liam was exactly 200 days old in this pic :)

Av. Diagonal, 557
(1/F next to Zara)

brunchelona barcelona

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  1. The worst service ever!! Rude staff, absolutely awful girls treating and a manager that has a brain of a monkey with a slogan "if you don't like you can leave" - nice costumer service, non exist basically...
    Ah, never complain about waiting long time or if another waiter makes fun of you, they'll tell you that you are in Spain that's how things are and they refuse to give the owners contact and will ask you to go. Very nice, I'm so impress with the level of ignorance of this place, I have never been treated so badly in a cafe, ever... tell all my friends about it, lot's of moms friends that hang in L'illa will stop going there and for sure I will make a big complain at the manager office.


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