January 31, 2015

Flax&Kale Brunch - Barcelona

You've probably heard of Teresa Carles, Barcelona's most renowned vegetarian restaurant, and here I am today ready to introduce to you its little brother: Flax&Kale, which aims at providing healthy nutritious food. Last month the hubby, Liam, my parents and I visited for the weekend brunch, and it was alright, yet not outstanding. There's nothing like my favorite brunch ever, anyway.

First disappointment: by noon their kale chips, which I REALLY wanted to try, were sold out. Seriously?! I had a veggie burger that came with a carrot instead of the kale chips :( The burger was good, but I still like the one at the other brunch I mentioned earlier better! :D

The hubby had eggs benedict and my parents had scrambled eggs, kale salad and spaghettini. I'd say everything was good except for the pasta which didn't have much flavor. I had been to Flax&Kale once before for breakfast and had their Açaí Bowl, which I loved! I would go back for that, but probably not for the brunch, because for what you get, I think it's pricey. 

Next to Flax&Kale is Teresa's Juicery, the other sibling of Teresa Carles and Flax&Kale, where cold pressed juices are made. They are really good, yet expensive at €5 per juice. They are served at Flax&Kale, too. My parents had an Antiox and a Green Slim Fit juice, while I had a chai latte that was quite yummy.

Visited on: December, 2014
Overall Quality: 4*
 Around 15 euros per person for the brunch
Value for Money: 3.5*
Would I recommend it? It is a lovely venue, and their food is actually good, just a bit pricey. I'd definitely recommend visiting at least once, though!

Tallers, 74B


  1. So sad to hear brunch there was below your expectations. I went once with Míriam for lunch, and we really loved the place - the venue, its food, the people... I would also say it is more expensive than it deserves, but the experience was really nice.
    Since I have been to Brunch&Cake for brunch and I saw it's your favorite, I would reccomend Somewhere Cafè, in Sant Cugat (http://www.somewherecafe.com/). I know it is not in Barcelona, but it is worth the journey. I am sure you're gonna love the brunch menu - I really do. Just one tip: book in advance!

    1. Thank you so much Gerard, I'll definitely be giving it a try!!! :)


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