December 27, 2014

Liam's 100 days party

Almost 3 weeks ago, on Saturday December the 6th, Liam turned 100 days old, and we invited the extended family for a little get together. It was 25 of us! If you're European or American, you may not have heard of this 100 days party thing, but it's a pretty big deal in Asia. Koreans, Japanese and Chinese consider it their babies first big milestone, and a big party is thrown to introduce the baby to society. This tradition comes from several decades, maybe even centuries, ago, when infant mortality was higher during babies' first 100 days of life, hence hitting the 100th day mark was a major reason to rejoice.

J and I decorated the meeting room of our new office with green and yellow tones. Did I ever mention yellow is Liam's favorite color? It's just SO obvious, he loves to look at all things yellow, it's terribly funny!

I hanged yellow, white and green honeycomb pom poms all over the room, mostly on the sides so that they wouldn't interfere with the big 100 i put on the wall. I did the 100 by crumpling several pieces of yellow silk paper, and then stuck lots of green dots I cut from a cardboard all around it. 

The cake was from Pastisseria Torndelacreu, located in c/Balmes, 59, and which I highly recommend! They specialise in custard and have superb cakes. I love how they decorated this one for Liam, he couldn't stop staring at the cake! Here's a little video I posted on Instagram, just in case you missed it!

Pastís Torndelacreu

I'm glad Liam turned 100 days on a Saturday, so that we could celebrate it on the exact day it was happening! It was a lovely party! P.S. How cute was that crown of his I DIY-ed? :D

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