December 13, 2014

Best brunch in Barcelona: Brunch & Cake


This post will probably come as no surprise at all after you've seen my numerous check-ins on Instagram at Brunch & Cake saying how much I just love their food. This is the best brunch in Barcelona for sure. I actually think I'm a bit addicted to it, and for the looks of it with so many people queuing outside Brunch & Cake on the weekends, I'm not the only one! If you want to make sure to grab a seat without having to line up for it, I'd recommend hitting the shop before 11:30AM. At that time it's mostly full, and by noon you'd have to be very lucky to find an empty seat.

coffee Brunch and Cake Barcelona

My absolute favorite dishes are the quinoa burger, the mango, guacamole and chicken salad, and the eggs benedict with waffle. You cannot go wrong with any of these. If to this you add a cup of matcha, which all the Cup & Cake branches added to their menu about a month ago, you've found perfection! {The matcha is not in the printed menu yet, you need to ask for it if you want it!} You'll be good with a cafe latte too if you're not that into green tea, their coffee is in fact my favorite in town! Oh my, just how many things do I love about this place?!

eggs benedict brunch and cake barcelona

Visited on: Way too many times, these pictures are from mid November 2014
Overall Quality: Full Marks! 5*
 Around 9 euros for a dish and 2 euros for a drink. A perfect brunch for just 11 euros!
Value for Money: 5* Perfect price-quality relationship.
Would I recommend it? Hands down! 

Brunch & Cake
Enric Granados, 19
Open Monday to Sunday 9AM to 10PM

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