November 13, 2014

La Xocolateria by Oriol Balaguer - Barcelona

La Xocolateria by Oriol Balaguer

Oriol Balaguer is one of the most renowned Catalan master bakers. In 2001, one of his cakes {8 textures of chocolate} won the best cake worldwide award, and this year his croissants won the best croissant award in Spain. Last month he delighted us yet again with great news: the opening of his new cafe or xocolateria, the Catalan name for chocolate bar. La Xocolateria hence specialises in all things chocolate, from the thick hot chocolate, to chocolate waffles, crepes, croissants, chocolate bars... Basically paradise :D No kidding, one of the things I missed the most from back home when in Hong Kong was the hot chocolate, and in these almost 9 months since we moved back to Barcelona, I've been having it at least once a week. 

la xocolateria by oriol balaguer

La Xocolateria by Oriol Balaguer

La Xocolateria is located in the trendy El Born neighborhood, next to the Estació de França train station, at the end of Passeig del Born. La Xocolateria is a love at first sight. It is absolutely GORGEOUS as you can see in the pics I took. It has a very young feel, and you need to order at the bar. I of course prefer being served on the table but oh well. I had hot chocolate with the award-winning croissant, and J had a waffle with chocolate and hazelnut spread with vanilla ice-cream. I must say the chocolate was SUPERB. The croissant was really good as well, but I still think these are the best croissants in Barcelona

Croissant Oriol Balaguer

Waffle Oriol Balaguer

At La Xocolateria, you can make your own chocolate bar by choosing a base (white, milk or dark chocolate) and then adding toppings to it (think raspberry, orange, nuts...). You can make your own ice-cream following the same logic as well.

la xocolateria by oriol balaguer

Visited on: October 30, 2014
Overall Quality: 4.5* {The food is really good and the venue is amazing, but the hot chocolate is served in a paper cup and you need to order at the bar so unfortunately I can't give full marks!}
Price: 1.60 euros for a croissant, 3.6 euros for the medium hot chocolate, and around 4.5 euros for this waffle.
Value for Money: 4.5*
Would I recommend it? Yes. It's absolutely delicious {and pretty!}

La Xocolateria
C/ Fusina, 5
Phone: +34 933 485 267
Closed on Mondays


  1. Two of my favourite things - hot chocolate and croissants! I would SO love to try them at this place, they look exquisite! Hopefully when I'm back in Barcelona I will pay La Xocolateria a visit. Thanks for recommending!

    1. Please do let me know if you ever come to Barcelona. I'd love to meet up!


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