November 27, 2014

The Beauty of Fall

Did you ever wonder why fall in North America or East Asia is red, while in Europe is mostly yellow? I had, in fact, wondered about it several times. I just never took the time to google it. It was with utmost delight that I saw on my news feed on Facebook a couple days ago how a friend shared the explanation from National Geographic! It turns out everything started 35 million years ago, when trees started making its leaves turn red to ward off insects, which was not necessary in Europe, since the ice ages had killed most of those insects. This is a VERY summarised explanation, please do read the article if you're interested :p

I think Liam was starting to get hungry at this point ^.^'

Anyway, this topic fits these lovely fall pictures we took on Sunday perfectly! After the in-laws  left on Saturday, J, Liam and I drove to our summer house next to the sea. It was deserted, despite the weather being really nice. Obviously not to be wearing swimming suit around, but  definitely warmer than Barcelona and hot enough to leave the coat home. I must say I think this street looks the prettiest at this time of the year. It's no wonder fall is a season I love! Are you a fall lover, too? :)


  1. fine pics ; ]


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  2. In Asturias we do have leaves of all colors


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