November 22, 2014

Liam's first trip: Rome

Love at the Colosseum

Last Sunday Liam took a plane for the very first time. The hubby, the in-laws, J's sister, Liam and I traveled to Rome for a quick three-day trip. I lived in Rome for a month 9 years ago, and I hadn't been back since. I must say I didn't remember much! 

Fall leaves! <3

The Pantheon

Three days were just right to visit the whole thing: The Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Piazza Spagna, Via del Corso, Via dei Condotti, the Colosseum, the monument to Vittorio Emmanuele II, the Trastevere neighborhood, the Vatican... and just the whole city which is so full of amazing monuments and churches, I'd never finish writing! Still, the most important was eating yummy gelato {my new favorite flavors are coconut, coffee and pistacchio}, and pizza and pasta :D

Piazza Navona


The queue to enter Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican

Something I knew as soon as we decided to go to Rome was that we would be baby-wearing Liam. I just can't imagine how inconvenient taking the stroller for this kind of trip would have been! Imagine having to go up the stairs of the different churches and monuments with a stroller... Plus, with 5 people able to take care of the baby, either with the carrier or simply holding him in the arms, I had no doubt this was the best option. I must say I'm so glad we did it this way. It was sooo comfortable, both for the adults {we all loved taking care of Liam}, and for him, who of course is always the happiest when being held in the arms. 

The market at Campo de' Fiori

I was a bit worried of getting too tired on this trip, but it turned out to be wonderful in the end despite the weather being pretty bad. It rained EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was fine in the mornings, but it was always raining in the afternoon and evening. Oh well, another good reason to baby-wear. One umbrella was enough for both of us. 

Liam and the Colosseum

The hubby and I are already looking forward to our next trip. We're going back to Hong Kong!!! We're gonna be visiting for a couple weeks in February, so that we can be there for Chinese New Year, which is for Chinese people the equivalent to our Christmas season: family gatherings and so :)


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  2. Your family looks adorable & Rome is in my travel wishlist since forever & would you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets keep in touch!



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