September 15, 2014

Liam's 2 weeks and Catalan National Day

September 11th is Catalan National Day. Last year the hubby and I celebrated it in Hong Kong, but I was so happy to be in Catalonia this year, since what is remembered on this day is the conquest of Catalonia by the Spanish kingdom back in September 11, 1714, exactly 300 years ago. The independence movement in Catalonia has been getting stronger in recent years, to the point where we, Catalans, would like to hold a referendum to decide whether to continue in Spain or become an independent country. The problem is, unlike what's going on in Scotland, the Spanish government will never allow this voting, and has threatened with using the army against Catalonia if we dare to vote. So much for a democratic country, right? Any way, this is the reason why this last 11 of September, 1.8 million Catalans took the streets to ask for independence and for a legal vote on the matter. The voting is scheduled for November 9th, although I'm not sure how that will end up seeing how the Spanish government won't change its mind about not letting us vote. 

That day Liam turned 2 weeks old, and even though I had planned on going to the demonstration with him, with so many people I finally decided it was not that safe for such a young baby, and ended up having to stay at home. We did go out in the morning though, here are some of the pics we took :)

"- Jeez, mom, let me be! It is so shiny out here and I was in the middle of my beauty sleep!" >.<


  1. I wonder: why you're so pro-democratic and you support freedom of Catalonia, but you were not ashamed to take pic (where you smile and look happy - it's on your Instagram) with CY Leung - traitor of Hong Kong and puppet of CCP. I thought you would be more supportive to your husband's so-called home. I hope you can answer me instead of ignoring this quite uncomfortable question

  2. How is AMWF relationship viewed in Barcelona and all of Spain for that matter.
    I'm sure you and your husband have met ignorant resistance.

    1. I can't answer for Olivia's personal case but my husband and I did not face any trouble or strange looks in Spain and we went to smaller towns.
      People were very nice to both of us, especially to him.

  3. Great blog. You Look very pretty :) And so sweet Baby :)

    I follow you.
    Greetings, From Poland xx


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