August 1, 2014

Best Croissants in Barcelona : La Pastisseria

I made it! I found the BEST croissants in Barcelona. And the best ensaïmades, too! This place is so perfect it deserves the best of the reviews. It is a must try!

Everything started a couple months ago, when my mom mentioned a new bakery, La Pastisseria, had opened next to my parents place, and bought me an ensaimada to try it out. It was HEAVENLY. Never had I ever had such a delicious ensaimada in my life! This is starting to sound like a sponsored post, but believe me when I say it isn´t. After that first time, we started buying other pastries, namely croissants, enjoying each and every one of them. Plain, chocolate and hazelnut, cappuccino, crema catalana... lots of different varieties, and each just as delicious. There is a major winner though, it's the crema catalana-filled croissant. If you like creme brulee, you're soooo gonna love this!

A couple weeks ago, while buying some more pastries, my mom had the great idea of asking whether they served Spanish style hot chocolate {the super thick dark hot chocolate}, and they said yes! Plus, they said they make it on the spot, and you can choose between 60% or 70% chocolate. This was AWESOME news, because hot chocolate is like my favorite thing in the world {followed by sushi and the English afternoon tea}, and it is quite rare to have a place where they make it as you order. Usually they just make big pots of chocolate and keep serving from that one as people order. I was so excited I told my mom we were coming back to try this ASAP! And so we did! My mom, the hubby and I went back last week to indulge in a yummy feast! The hubby is not so fond of the thick hot chocolate, so he had a coffee and the superb crema catalana croissant, while my mom and I had hot chocolate with ensaimada. I had the 60% one while she went for the 70% one. Both were equally delicious mmmmmmmmm!!! 

Have I mentioned one of the best things of all this?? The price! OMG it's almost unbelievable. The whole meal for three was less than 11 euros! For this kind of quality this is really a bargain. In fact, the crema catalana croissant, elaborated a pastry as it is, is only 1.8 euros, exactly the same price you pay in other mediocre cafes for a simple chocolate croissant! 

It is no wonder that this bakery is so yummy, its chef, Josep Mª Rodriguez Guerola, won the 2011 worldwide best baker award. I'm sooo happy they opened in such a convenient place for me! This branch is the second one in Barcelona, it opened 4 months ago and... guess what! The first branch, which opened about a couple years ago, is very close to my home!!All of my pregnancy cravings at my reach =D

Visited on: July 23, 2014
Overall Quality: 5*
Price: 1.80 euros for the filled croissants, a bit over a euro for other not as elaborated pastries. 3 euros for the chocolate.
Value for Money: 5* {can I rate it 6*? :D }
Would I recommend it? Most certainly. It's heaven!

Closed on Mondays

La Pastisseria
Via Augusta, 166
Aragó, 228

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