March 21, 2014

The Morning of My Wedding Day

A while ago, I mentioned my wedding photographer, Noemi Jariod, and I had decided to take some pictures of myself right before my wedding, on that same morning. Somehow I forgot to show you the lovely pictures from that session, but luckily someone reminded me about it today! I took them before putting any makeup on, so I was a bit worried about how my face would look, but I think they came out really good! ^.^ The pics were taken in the garden of a house next to my wedding venue, and I believe the result is truly gorgeous. That house has a very special swing that hangs from a tree, so the location was already magical by itself. Then we added a pair of fairy wings from Mireia Abras, a florist and decorator with a lovely style, and I wore some white clothes to get the fairy look. I think I succeeded, what do you think?

All the pictures were taken with a 35 mm film camera, which is so rare nowadays! The light is all natural and the pics are not photoshoped, I think they are pure art. Hope you like them!


  1. Lovely photos! It looks so dreamy and your natural look suits it very well :)

  2. Un únic carret! i un resultat preciòs, estàs guapíssima!!!

  3. Stunning photographs - not only you and the place are beautiful, but the fact that they were taken on film makes them even more special. What a lovely souvenir to have!

  4. Breathe taking! So special and you look gorgeous.
    Beth x

  5. magic pics!! ;-))
    kisses From Poland! :*
    i invite to me too

  6. My wedding ceremony day was a grand success and one of the reasons of its accomplishment was the location. I had chosen Wedding venues in Los Angeles for my big day and celebrated the day like a royal wedding ceremony.


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