March 31, 2014

Our Hong Kong wedding reception (I/II)

As you all probably know, on December 29th, 2014, J and I had a wedding reception in Hong Kong to celebrate with all our family and friends there. The reception took place in a Chinese restaurant which specializes in wedding banquets, where we held a dinner for more than 200 guests. During most part of the dinner, I wore a red dress, and these are the pictures I'l be sharing with you today. Next time, I'll show you my other two dresses, the one I wore on my wedding day, and the white wedding dress I first bought. I loved my red dress, I bought it online for a very good price, and was delighted with it as soon as I tried it on. As you will see from the pictures, Hong Kong and European weddings have nothing in common. In Europe all guests are expected to come in their best gowns and suits, while in Hong Kong, people show up really casual. Chinese wedding receptions also tend to be way more massive than western ones, with lots and lots of guests, several of which are the bride and the groom's parents friends. That's why I feel Western weddings are more centered on the bride and the groom, while in Chinese ones parents play a big role. It was lovely being able to share the joy of our wedding with everyone we love in Hong Kong, but with so many people the truth is it was impossible to properly care for every guest. 

As you can see, I was wearing lots of gold jewelry, all presents from our guests. It is customary in China to give gold to the bride and the groom, and the bride wears it with her red dress. 
A nice family picture with my parents, brother and uncles, and my in-laws and sil

We had lots of performances going on during the dinner, we had two amazing MCs who conducted the whole thing from the stage, and a couple friends with stunning voices that sang some lovely songs.

Aaron and Venus singing beautifully

I have to say I loved the decor of the restaurant. The stage wall was full of white and rose roses, which reminded me of our white and pink wedding in Catalonia! This color combo is one of my favorites ever, so no wonder I was delighted with it. 

This is how we decorated the reception area of the restaurant, with our real-size selves like in our Catalonia wedding!

And last, we had a blast dancing in the stage once the dinner was over. I want to thank our awesome Master of Ceremonies and friend, KC Leung, for all the effort he put into our wedding, and for cheering everyone up with his dance moves.


  1. i'm familiar with the chinese traditions in marriage due to my background and just went to a wedding where they did the tea ceremony :)
    you look amazing!!

  2. Looks you guys enjoyed a lot in wedding.i just want to say Loved your wedding dressEverything looked perfect!. You looked gorgeous on your wedding day.nice love it.

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  3. Wow, Such a fun in wedding. Thats great guys. Your dancing steps are really awesome. :-)
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    Keep it up. Sharing this with my friends.

  4. We had great food at the reception; I personally ate the mushroom ravioli. Yum! We did a full service, 3 courses, sit down meal. The waiters also provided wine and drinks during dinner.
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  5. So much fun wedding reception. I totally enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing this amazing fun wedding.
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  6. Brides usually wear it while sporting turmeric or henna as gold jewelry might get spoiled when it comes in contact with them and they do save it - atleast the beads and bases as a memento

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