February 3, 2014

Some updates

My blog has been completely unattended this last month of January. The truth is much has been going on in my life and none of it was worth blogging about. I've been arranging everything for our upcoming big move to Barcelona, from packing, to closing my shop, selling the remaining stock on other platforms, dealing with all our contracts that need to be cancelled, etc. J's last day at his company was last Thursday, the last day before the Chinese New Year of the Horse, which started on January the 31st. I was so ecstatic on that last day of his at work! No more missing him on weekdays! Now I'll have some help from him for the remaining stuff, mostly his stuff since I'm almost done with mine. We're leaving on the night of the 24th, but we're going on honeymoon from the 11th to the 19th, and to mainland China to greet the new year to some family members from the 7th to the 9th. This means we have exactly 9 days left to sort everything out. NINE days which include several farewell lunches and dinners with friends and family, no wonder I'm a bit worried, don't you think? I think the hubby is not really aware of this situation, I'll have to ask him to read this and count by himself! Anyway, I still have some afternoon tea posts to share, as well as some wedding stuff! Hopefully coming soon. Also, we've been to the beach today, the weather is amazing these days :) Warmest Chinese New Year in years!