December 18, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our wedding banquet

Our wedding banquet had 10 tables for the 100 guests, including our presidential table of 6: J and I, and our parents. They were decorated with Baby's breath (Gypsophila Paniculata), as the rest of our wedding. All the floral arrangements, including my bridal bouquet, were made by La Flor, in Manresa, Catalonia. We chose pink napkins and pink candles for the occasion to match the whole thing: my wedding bouquet, my belt, my bridesmaids dresses... It was a white and pink wedding, my perfect combo! 

Our sitting plan was hanging from the wall on a rope :)

We used a heart-shaped sugar cookie to let the guests know where to sit. The ones for the boys were written in blue and the ones for the girls in pink.

We started eating really late taking into account that this was a lunch. If I remember correctly, we weren't seated until 5pm, and we finished around 9pm. There were several surprises during the lunch: we prepared some videos with our pre-wedding pictures, and also a video with pictures of when we were kids, and then another one of pictures with our friends. 

There were also some surprises FOR US, as my friends from college gave me a huge box with... the marriage recipe! A box full of little gifts and notes on how to achieve a happy ever after marriage, and... lots of coins on the bottom too, some made out of chocolate and some real ones, which made the box so heavy! I loved everything from this amazing box that my friends so gorgeously DIY-ed with so much effort!  

Details! The sitting plan for table 2, the floral arrangements for the guests tables, and the floral arrangements at the presidential table

After the dinner and before the dance, it was time to cut the wedding cake! I designed the cake myself, all of it, by drawing it and then working on it with our cake artist. The layer under the flower ball was made of red velvet, and we ate it for breakfast the following day! You can also see the custom-made bride and groom we ordered, which looked exactly like us, I loved it!

Then it was time for our first dance {I'll let you know which song we chose next week when I tell you all about the music in our wedding...}, and after that it was party, party and party until midnight!

I told you I didn't cry in the whole wedding. Well, I kinda lied. I did shed some tears at midnight, when I gave my wedding bouquet to one of my bridesmaids and BFF, Lea, wishing her a wedding proposal real soon! It was a very touching moment, too bad the photographer wasn't there anymore to take a pic!


  1. Beautiful photos - your wedding banquet looked absolutely sophisticated, love the light pink shade present throughout. And this cake is gorgeous (and sounds delicious, too) - well done for a great design!

  2. amazing photos, you make me wish to have a good guy to share the rest of my life. It's just deep, those pics express happiness that you had in your wedding. <3

  3. nice photos and this is an amazing wedding <3

  4. Ooooooh! Quina sorpreseta més maca de bon matí!! Jo també em vaig emocionar molt i em va fer molt feliç!! Moltes gràcies preciosa per compartir tant el teu dia com aquest moment amb mi :)


  5. Wedding is always one of the most unforgettable day .. Mine is too..

  6. thanks for the tips and information..i really appreciate it.. florist singapore


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