December 4, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our wedding photography session in the woods

There's many things that made me fall in love with La Garriga de Castelladral, our wedding venue, as soon as I saw it for the first time. One of my favorites are its amazing landscapes. Our wedding photography session took place in their amazing forest, filled with long, majestic pine trees.

It wasn't particularly easy to walk in the woods with my long lace dress, but I managed pretty well! I got it all full of pine needles but my lovely flower girls helped me remove all of them during the banquet :D

We took some pictures with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen first, and then only J and I stayed to take some bride&groom pictures. That forest has a very special energy, it felt terribly romantic while we were taking our pics, I'm so glad we did it there!

A lovely picture with Soraya

The boys! Always posing :p

Every single picture is so delicate and special, as usual I could just select a few, but I truly love them all!

I hope you enjoyed our wedding pictures, next week I'll be showing you the outdoor appetizer we served before the banquet!

If you missed out on my previous posts, you can check out the rest of the pictures from our wedding day here.


  1. nice pics!!

  2. truly love your dress! Congratulations! x

  3. Lovely photos!I love everything about this. Amazing Pictures! I'm sure they turned out this way because they had the perfect beautiful bride to display ;) Congrats!!!

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  6. Excellent!! Love every single picture!!!

  7. Hola Olivia's Choice!!!

    M'encanta el teu vestit i tan al teu marit com a tu se us veu radiants!!!!! El ram preciós i la Garrga de Castelladral un encert total, he anat a moltes bodes allà i hi ha un ambient especial...

    Una abraçada,


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xx Olivia