December 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our wedding: Cocktail party

While the bride, the groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen were in the woods taking pictures, the other guests headed over to the covered terrace, where we had prepared a cocktail party before the banquet, with around 15 different appetizers {including a whole mouthwatering jamón ibérico ham} and several refreshments that the waiters kept passing around.

The most special part of the terrace was the photocall we prepared with real-size cardboards of J and I, dressed in the suit and wedding dress from our pre-wedding pictures. We bought some funny messages and masks for our guests to take pics with "us". We also DIY-ed the background, with around 20 pom poms we patiently set up on the days before our big day.

This last photocall picture is the one my friends uploaded on Instagram, and is definitely my very favorite!!! Super sweet!

Another great thing going on in the terrace was the live music. We hired Marta Trujillo, a very talented local artist, to sing for us during the cocktail. It was lovely to have her singing there, I think it made a huge difference and everyone was amazed by her powerful yet delicate voice.

As I told you on last week's Wedding Wednesday post, my dress ended up full of pine needles in the woods, but my flower girls worked wonders and just like little fairies got everything out while I socialized around the terrace! Here's the proof!

Next week I'll show you our wedding banquet! SO looking forward to share it with all of you!


  1. I love all of your wedding photos and can't wait to see more! Both of you looked beautiful and utterly happy, but you just melt my heart in this gorgeous dress - you looked so royal, just like a princess! I know why the back of your dress was your favourite part of it - it's unbelievably breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. You look really elegant and beautiful. Amazing wedding pictures! :)

  3. Beautiful wedding and you look absolutely gorgeous!

  4. preciosas fotografias!
    New look on my blog!!!

  5. Your wedding is really amazing!

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