December 15, 2013

Ladurée afternoon tea at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Laduree is partnering up with The Landmark Mandarin Oriental for afternoon tea on this month of December, and the whole city is raving about it. After having been, I don't really get what the fuss is all about. The only thing from Laduree in the whole set are the macarons (2 per person), the individual paper tablecloth (similar to the one you get at Laduree in Paris), and the big macaron pyramid (for decoration only) at the entrance of the restaurant. 

This afternoon tea set is good yet really overpriced. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental cannot be compared to the much more splendorous Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental located at 5 minutes walking distance, which happens to offer one of the best afternoon teas in town for way way cheaper!!! I really felt I was ripped off by this Laduree nonsense. The set is not worth the price.

The first bad impression was when I went to look at the tea selection. There were just 4 really common teas (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine and Peppermint) and then oolong, white tea or green tea, for which you had to add $25! Excuse me?! First of all, in a so called Laduree afternoon tea, it is not acceptable that the only thing from Laduree are two macarons. The least would be some other petit four, or Laduree tea. 

The clotted cream and the jams were very good, but the scones were not really scones. Others may not realize, but for a connoisseur like myself, these were not the real deal. And it's a shame seeing how its brother, the Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental, has the best scones in Hong Kong. These scones had yellow cake consistency. And by the fact that the edges were not toasted, you could realize they had actually just been cut with a round mold after being baked. What kind of a scone is that?!

Don't think the set was just laid on our table like this. You know how I dislike not having a tiered stand for afternoon tea! We actually had a 2-tier stand right next to us, I just forgot to snap a picture of it.

The food was overall good. My review may seem a bit negative but the truth is the food was tasty. It was just overpriced and with not enough Laduree goodies, that's it. 

The best part were obviously the macarons. The silver one was really beautiful. It was mandarine and orange, and the pink one was my all-time fave: rose macaron! Woohoo!!! The other best thing, that I accidentally left for the very end (lucky again!) was this peanut and chocolate tart in the picture below. It was SO good, I inspected every part carefully to try to replicate it at home!

Think twice before heading for this high tea. All everyone is excited about is Laduree, and then there's just too miserable macarons! 

If you call to make a reservation, they'll tell you it has been completely booked. I don't know booked by whom, since I went there and was perfectly able to walk in even though there was a huge line in front of me, which I'm assuming didn't have a reservation either! Is this some sort of marketing technique? 

Visited on: December 12th, 2013
Overall Rating: 3.5* Even though this set was overpriced, most of the food was of high quality, and the service was excellent.
Price: HK$634 for two (CRAZY)
Value for Money: Negative! 0*
Would I recommend it? Let's face it. We all go here attracted by Laduree. Now when you know that all you get from Laduree are two macarons, and that this tea set is one of the most expensive in town, would you still want to go? Probably not.



  1. Yes agreed. Nothing really special if I were about to rate it. The only thing that make it good was my friend who was there with me and spending time with her was fun! We didn't even eat the whole set cause it was not balanced : everything was mega sweet. There will be Laduree Cafe opening soon in CWB. You need to do the review on them as well. Christmas wishes all the way from Poland! Muah :*

  2. looks beautiful but that really sucks that it's overpriced!
    i hate how a name is attached to something and the price instantly shoots up
    anyway, beautiful photos as always :)

  3. Looks nice, but shame that it didn't really include many Laduree items. I tried to make a booking to coincide with my HK trip, but got the 'booked out' spiel too - a bit silly! I guess all the tables are reserved for purchasing the hotel package?

  4. Act of Racism at Mandarin Oriental Paris.

    I was sitting in a common area (lobby)of the Mandarin Oriental Paris hotel on he phone with my Nigerian family ( may be a little loud) and was confronted by a hotel Chinese employee named Arina Phouthakhanty who said, “This place is for guests of the hotel. You must leave.” Room was registered under my assistant name.

    The worker would hear none of my explanation that i was a guest. she insisted that i must leave immediately.

    After it was established that indeed i was a distinguished guest of the Mandarin Oriental Paris Hotel and good friend of GM Philipe Leboeuf. She apologized by offering some complimentary drink and a later and try to explain hat she was part of the management team.
    I asked for Mister Leboeuf and was told that he left few minutes ago. Not true , and i am sure he didn't have any report of this incident.

    This incident needs to be publicized as much as possible because i cannot believe it is an isolated incident. Let it be a warning to others that we are not going to allow people to get away with this kind of behavior in 2014. It is not simply a matter of sacking the employee Arina Phouthakhanty – it is about changing attitudes and training staff appropriately. And if that is not being done then the apology is worthless.

    I think i can't stay anywhere better than the famous George V in Paris. Also staying in a Four Seasons Hotel is a guarantee of quality and excellent service. I still consider that Mandarin Oriental Paris is a good hotel.

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