December 1, 2013

Disney Dim Sum at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Ever since I found out about the existence of these cute Disney signature dim sum several years ago, I decided I would eventually go and try them. The occasion was perfect a week ago when J run the Disneyland 10km race for charity early in the morning, so I arrived at Disneyland after the race finished and we all (he ran in a group of 7) went for dim sum at the Chinese restaurant of Disneyland hotel, Crystal Lotus.

These dim sum were the cutest and, at the same time, the worst I've ever had. They were dry and the flavor wasn't exactly appealing. I would definitely not recommend it, but then when the food is so cute is hard to resist, right? Everyone wants cute food pictures! Which is why, if you must go, I'd say go once, order all the cute dim sum, take your pics, and don't go back again.

It's one of those eye candy... and nothing else! And, oops, at around $80 per dim sum, it's kinda pricey too!

Visited on: November 24th, 2013
Overall quality: 1/5*
Price: around $250 per person
Value for money: 1/5*
Would I recommend it? The food is bad, but it's SO adorable...!


  1. I love dim sum and these are the cutest I've ever seen...but so sad they are not good flavor. The chef is an artist, he made so beautiful shapes of dim sum but he need to improve is cooking skills to make them also delicious :) :)

    1. Definitely! Such a pity they don't taste as good as they look!

  2. very cute dim sums!!

  3. A lot of mixed review about the food, but you're right adorable indeed! :D

  4. hi! wanna ask if you were a disneyland hotel guest? I read online that these disney dim sum are only available to hotel guests :(

    1. Hi! I hope this doesn't come too late. We were'nt guests at the hotel! Anyone can go there for lunch. xx


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