November 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: My wedding: Getting ready!

The morning of my wedding was way too short. I didn't have enough time! Yes, I admit it, I was late to my own wedding! My wedding invitation stated very clearly the time of the ceremony: 13:30. But at 2pm I was still getting ready! OMG! I literally lost track of time,  enjoying myself getting pampered by the hairstylist, laughing with my amazing bridesmaids, and just being the happiest girl.

My absolutely gorgeous dress!!! Although my favorite part is the back <3

Details! My wedding shoes, my wedding bouquet, and my bridesmaids' bouquet

Mom getting everything ready!

My BFF, bridesmaid and make-up artist Soraya, at work! :D

Truth be told, we were already behind schedule from the very beginning. We told the photographers and the hairstylists we would be arriving to the wedding venue at 9:30AM, except that for one reason or another {and important one being my mom who was driving the car was so nervous she got lost}, we ended up getting there at 10:15AM. Thumbs up for the brides who wake up at 6AM on their wedding day, I certainly wasn't one of them! The night before I slept like a baby and woke up at 8:30AM fresh as a rose. So off we went, my mom, my bridesmaid Connie who came all the way from Hong Kong for my big day, and myself, to La Garriga de Castelladral, where our wedding was held. Today's pics are what happened in the Suite of the hotel, where I got myself ready for the most important occasion of my life, surrounded by the best friends and family one could ever wish for. 

My lovely family

Mom was obviously in love with my dress, such a happy face! ^^

As i said, we arrived at 10:15AM and the photographers, video man, and stylists were already waiting for us. I still had to shower, so I did so and afterwards the hairstylist dried my hair and curled it a bit. Then, like this and without any makeup, the photographers, the camera man and I hopped on a car and off we went to a nearby old house with the most perfect swing in the middle of the woods, where I enjoyed myself like a baby taking pictures all dressed in white {not the wedding dress!} with white... WINGS! Yes, I had wings! I felt just like Tinkerbell or some other lovely fairy. This idea was all Noemi Jariod's, who was my wedding photographer. She is such a talented artist, I'm so glad she was the one to immortalise my wedding, as you will see, she did an excellent job. Anyway, you won't be able to see the pics on the swing today, I leave those for another day. 

By the time I got back from the abandoned house it was already noon, OMG, what?!? I even spotted three of my bridesmaids in the car park! I had asked them {except Connie and Soraya who were there with me from the very beginning} to come at noon, and now there they were, and I still had EVERYTHING to do! Make-up, hair... Jeez! I still don't understand how I managed to stay so calm with this tight schedule. By 1PM I peered through the window and realized almost everyone was already there! But I was far from done, I didn't go down the aisle until 2:15PM! And had it been for me, it would have been at 4PM haha. About the window, yes, there is an awesome window in the bathroom of the suite, you can see the whole ceremony venue and spy on everyone, but no one can see you! I had little time for spying though, busy as I was!

Herman, J's best friend came to the room to give me my beautiful wedding bouquet. It is a tradition that the brother or best friend of the groom brings the bouquet to the bride, with a special message from the groom, who is dying to see the bride but can't see her until the wedding ceremony :p
Today's pics are all about what happened at the suite while I got my makeup and my hair done, put on my dress, and was blessed with my beautiful and helpful bridesmaids. You may not know that it is not customary in Spain to have bridesmaids, so my wedding was certainly a special one!!! When the bride is getting ready for the wedding, she is usually only accompanied by her most direct family, and no other friends are there with her. I have to say that I believe the fact that my bridesmaids were there with me really made a difference in my wedding day. I already mentioned that day, October 6th, 2013, was the happiest of my life, and my bridesmaids are some of the people who made it possible for this feeling to be so strong.

Dear Eva helped me write this cute message to J to be carried by our flower girl down the aisle... :)

You already know I wasn't really nervous for my big day, and I think my bridesmaids helped in that a lot. They made me laugh, helped me in every possible way, and filled the room with happiness. They were my stars during the whole day, they looked so gorgeous! Even as I picked the bridesmaids dresses for them, I could have never imagined my girls would make the dresses look so classy. The moment I saw them all dressed up looking like real dolls was a moment I'll never forget. They exceeded all my expectations! I have to thank my bridesmaid and BFF Soraya for convincing me to have bridesmaids. Being surrounded by your best friends in this way is a feeling words cannot describe.

Thank you girls, I couldn't have done it without you! And, of course, a big thanks to my perfect family, specially to my stunning mom, for all the effort she put on the big day of her little princess, me :) I am so blessed to have you all in my life.


  1. OMG!!!! The pics look amazing :) I'm so happy I could spent every single minute of your special day with you.

    Thank you for letting me be part of it...and trust me to do your Bridal makeup...So proud of the result :) Going to feature it on my BLOG

    Love you soooooooo much

  2. Ja m'ho pensava lo de la finestreta ja.... jajajaa! Que xules les fotos! Jonem vaig perdre aquest momentàs pero sort que vau fer fotos!!!! :****

  3. Molt maques!!!! Però...... hem d'esperar fins al proper dimecres per veure'n més???!!!!! ens fas patir eh!! jeje

  4. OMG! I love your dress!! And your make-up look too!! I hope you was a great beautiful bright in the world!!!
    I follow you)

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  8. I love your dress SO much! Hong Kong misses you x

  9. You dropped by my blog two years ago and now that I'm going through a blog redesign, saw your comment again and checked out your blog. So happy for you for your beautiful wedding and the new baby! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Congratulations and all the best to you :)

    The Sunset Goddess

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