November 10, 2013

The Secret to a Perfect Life

I believe perfection, like beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder. Yet I think we will agree if I say a perfect life is the one in which you have everything you could wish for. Today I wanted to write about how to achieve the life of your dreams because, yes, you can. Having a perfect life is something everyone can achieve. It took me long to get myself to write this article, mainly because the message within is so deep I didn't know where to start.

This Secret to a perfect life I'm referring to can be found in the movie or the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This is a life-changing book, or at least it was for me. Read along and discover how to get all you ever wanted.

What is the Secret, you may be wondering. The Secret is in fact the Law of Attraction. The world is full of frequencies, through which signals like radio, wifi, tv, etc are transmitted. But it's not only machines that emit frequencies. We, humans, do as well. The Law of Attraction says that whatever you think of, you attract to yourself. Which is why the main point of the Secret is to keep thinking about what you want in order to get it. More than that, you actually need to imagine yourself already possessing that, and tune your frequency, your mood, into the one you would be feeling were you to really have the object of your desire. Say you want a brand new BMW car. What you would need to do is not praying to get it, but rather imagine you're already driving the car, feel the engine, the soft leather of the steering wheel on your hands... Or if what you want is a new partner, you'd have to live as if you already had him. By sleeping on one side of the bed instead of in the middle {to leave room for the other one!}, or just trying to feel happy as if you already had what you wanted, instead of moaning because you don't have it. The Secret says the world has enough ressources for each of us to achieve anything we want. So don't go thinking something is impossible, because it's not.

For my entire life I've been a very lucky girl, or so I thought. I used to think luck was the reason of my well being and all the good things that always happened to me. But after reading the Secret I realized I had unknowingly been applying a lot of its principles throughout my lifetime. I have always had a vivid imagination and would spend hours thinking about my awesome future, and how perfect it would be to have this or that to the point that I could feel as excited as if I already got it. And then, no doubt, I always ended up getting it. Since I've always been an optimist, the things I imagined where almost always good, thank God! On the rare occasions I kept thinking about bad outcomes too much, these ended up happening as well. It's all about how much importance you give to each of your thoughts. For the perfect  life, it is a must to get rid of negative thoughts. Anything that makes you feel bad is a negative thought, and should be avoided at all costs. You need to emit a happy frequency so that happy things can happen to you, this is the core of the Law of Attraction.

After realizing how much our mood influences the things that happen to us, if I had to give a single piece of advise to all of you, this would be it: Do not let situations affect your mood, rather make your happy mood shape what happens to you. This is what will ultimately lead you to the perfect life: being the master of your fate, by controlling how you feel and what you think. It's sad that most people do not know this and live their lives in permanent despair. If something bad happens to you, you can't let it affect your mood to the point where you go from emitting a happy frequency to emitting a sad one. In fact, this bad experience should be erased from the memory as soon as it took place, and you should never think about it again. When you enter a moody stage where you only see bad things around you, mind you, more and more bad things are bound to come around. In fact thinking about the things that you DON'T want, and asking for them NOT to come true, will actually make them come true. Because the Universe can't hear the NO in your prayers, all it can see is how much power you put into that thing. Let's put my own wedding as an example: like any other bride, I didn't want it to rain on my wedding day. But did I ever ask for it not to rain? Did I ever worry about it? The answer is never, not even once. I knew it would be a warm and sunny day and that's how I pictured it in my mind. Five days before our wedding, we went to see our caterers for the last arrangements, and the chef told us he had been so worried a couple days before, because there was a big thunderstorm forecasted for our wedding day, althought finally it seemed it would be coming a bit earlier. As soon as I heard this comment, my brain dismissed it. I hadn't checked the weather forecast not even once, and I would certainly not be worrying about any rain situation, when I knew deep inside that my wedding would be a very sunny one, because I had pictured it so many times. The funny thing is on the day after our wedding when I turned on the TV, the weather report was on. They were saying how the whole country had seen so much rain in that weekend. Well, guess what, there was not even the tiniest drop in our wedding venue!

It is of vital  importance to always make wishes in a positive form, wishing for what you want, instead of wishing for what you don't want not to happen. Mother Theresa must have known about this power. She never agreed on joining any demonstration against war, but she always said "do call me if you ever have a pro-peace demonstration, I'll be there". The "No War" message gives strength to the word war, since the Universe can't hear the No.

The way people ought to live their lives to be able to achieve happiness is by being fully aware of their thoughts and  never letting bad situations affect their mood. Only by keeping a permanent state of happiness and optimism, in other words, transmiting LOVE and being thankful for what we have, will we surround ourselves with more love and favorable outcomes. In fact, it is not until another of Rhonda Byrne's books, The Power, that she finally states that the Secret is ultimately all about love and gratitude. Since the Law of Attraction says you bring to yourself what you think about, it's only by having loving and thankful thoughts that we will attract more good things to us.

Ask for what you want, believe that you already have it, and you will receive it. Ask. Believe. Receive. And remember, keep yourself in a happy mood, being thankful and loving those around you, for by the Law of Attraction, what you wish to others is what is bound to come back to you.

If you want start living the life of your dreams, go ahead and read The Secret, The Power, and The Magic, all by Rhonda Byrne, and then apply that knowledge to your daily life. You will be amazed by what life can be like!


  1. love the message u send us!! i always keep in mind the attraction law!!!! love the pic!!! Now i follow you xxx

    Gabriela Rose

  2. Hi Olivia,

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing your secret to a perfect life! Things haven't been going well for me lately and it's just been getting worst and I didn't realize that mood does affect you to such an extend! I'll be trying your tip to make my happy mood affect me (:!

    I've been reading your blog since August! Keep it up :)

    Carol :D

  3. There is some earlier book on this called "The Power of the subconscious Mind", I got almost same insights :)

  4. great post! thanks for sharing =)

  5. yeaah, great words!


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