November 18, 2013

Afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Hong Kong

The Lounge at the Four Seasons Hong Kong is one of my favorite venues, atmosphere-wise, for afternoon tea. I love how bright it is, with its huge windows all over its right hand side facing the harbor. I've been here for lunch, tea and dinner, and I like it best during the day, when the whole place is bursting with sunlight. 

By the looks of it one would think this is the conference center with so many guys in suits! Yet I assure you this was afternoon tea time! Business over afternoon tea, oh how perfect!

I love how they always decorate this table so perfectly! Look at these floral arrangements, it's the first time I've seen roses in a vase set up like this! I'm still not 100% sure how they are holding up! Gorgeous!

You may remember I blogged about the Four Seasons Festive afternoon tea buffet, but I still hadn't had the regular afternoon tea set, so last Thursday my friend Aurora and I went to check it out!I had the chocolate tea and unfortunately it was not as good as I had expected. It had another flavor besides chocolate which I'm unable to describe but which I'm not really fond of. 

The tea set itself was gorgeous, specially the top, with those two lovely daisies! The bottom layer had savories that were good yet not outstanding.The scones on the middle layer were PERFECT. I think they are the best in town together with the ones at the Mandarin Oriental. They came with delicious clotted cream, too. This tea set is worth the visit even if it's only to eat scones! The top tier had very good sweets, I was actually surprised by their good quality.

Visited on: November 14, 2013
Overall rating: 4.5 / 5
Price: HK$470 + 10% service charge for a tea set for two. HK$250 + 10% for one. 
Value for Money: 4.5 / 5
Would I recommend it? Definitely! This is a great high tea experience!


  1. Yummy!!!

  2. chocolate tea, sounds interesting!
    looks wonderful

  3. So cute! We ought to meet up perhaps - we are newly arrived from Melbourne, Australia, relocated for work, and we write a dessert blog. :)


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