October 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: My wedding: The day after {Brunch + Limo!}

It may sound weird that I write about the day after my wedding when I didn't even start sharing the details about the wedding itself yet... But since our wedding photographer was not there anymore on the following day, I figured the best pics we'll have of that day are ours anyway, so why not start here while we wait for the professional wedding pics?

The place where our wedding was held, La Garriga de Castelladral, has an 8-room cozy hotel, so we booked the whole place on our wedding night and invited the closest family and friends to spend the night. We slept in until 10 and had a delightful brunch at 11.

After the brunch, an amazing surprise was yet to come... My mom had arranged for a limo to bring J and I all the way back to Barcelona!!! I was speechless. I had no idea we were in for more surprises after the wedding! The limo was supposed to be for J and I only but J insisted on bringing his family along, which was definitely not a good idea seeing how all of them were sleeping 5 minutes after the engine started. Good thing is my brother came along as well, and the three of us had a great time playing around with the cava and the music.

A perfect start to our life as husband and wife :)


  1. M'encanta saber que va passar dp de la wed! K wapus i feliços...se us veu radiants!!! :))))

  2. nice!! :) Olivia, which company did u use do design your blog?

    1. Hi Liana, sorry for the late reply! I did it by myself :)

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