October 14, 2013

Mrs. Lau

We're just back to Hong Kong after two unforgettable weeks in Europe, the most memorable moment being the happiest day of my life: my wedding day. Three years after we first started going out together on the 6th of October, 2010, we tied the knot on a really warm day under a blue sky with white cotton-like clouds, surrounded by our family and friends,  just as I had pictured it in my mind all along. Simply put, it could not have been better. I'm looking forward to share all the details about that magical day with all of you, but there's so much to talk about, I'd rather share it with you little by little in the days to come. As you can see from the picture above, my wedding dress had beautiful 3/4 lace sleeves. If you want to see more, you can take a look at my Instagram, where I uploaded a gorgeous pic of the back of my dress, from when J and I were walking on the red carpet after signing the papers for the marriage registry.

PS. Today we're celebrating  the 1 year anniversary of J's wedding proposal... as husband and wife! :)

xx, Mrs. Lau


  1. Un dia preciós, que no oblidarem mai. Tot perfecte!!!

  2. i cannot wait for more posts on your wedding!

  3. Congrats! Such a beautiful wedding! Chanced upon your blog while goggling for wedding dresses in gz. Mind sharing which shop u got the dress from? I am so worried i cant find any nice dresses after flying all the way there!! Thanks!!


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