October 2, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: I'm getting married this week!

Hello everyone! I'm back home in Barcelona since last Saturday getting ready for our big day THIS SUNDAY! I can't describe the happiness I feel at this moment with Jeff being here with me {and his family, too!}, and getting to relax for a bit before our wedding. These two weeks we'll be staying in Europe are quite packed with trips as I already told you, and I'm so looking forward to all of them! We're leaving for Madrid today and will be coming back tomorrow night, since I didn't want to travel too much this week. We'll have plenty of that in Paris and London next week as husband and wife. Woohoo! 

This is a picture from Sunday, exactly a week before THE DAY, in our summer house. The weather is amazing here, thank God! We're having fun while sorting up some last minute things... I can't wait for Sunday to be here. I want to enjoy it so much so much so much!!! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I can't believe I haven't uploaded a single picture to my instagram ever since I got here but everything has been just so intense! 


  1. nice;DDD

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  2. OMG I know that feeling!!! good luck!!!

  3. Great picture! I'm so excited for you! I hope the day is just perfect & I can't wait for you to share some photos of the big day! You guys will look amazing I'm sure!!


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