October 19, 2013

Afternoon tea at Ladurée - Paris

While some people might be excited about visiting Paris for the architecture, the wine, or Paris Fashion Week, my favorite thing of the French capital are undoubtedly its pastries and teas. Croissants, pain au chocolat, macarons, petits fours... you name it, I love them all! And a brand that holds a very special place in my heart is Ladurée, for its consistent good quality and overall  elegance. I've been to Ladurée at the Champs Elysées several times in my life, and I couldn't leave Paris this time without visiting it once again. 

All their pastries and teas are delightful, an amazing little treat to feast on. Of course I had to have my beloved Ispahan, my favorite cake ever, ever! I used to like the one at Pierre Hermé better but during this trip to Paris I tried both and the one at Ladurée was most certainly superior in many ways, mostly regarding the macaron shell, which was a bit to dry at Pierre Hermé. Look at this big Ispahan Ladurée has for sale! I would LOVE this as birthday cake, it is oh-so-my-kind-of-cake!!! {My birthday happens to be tomorrow, by the way! Too bad we're not in Paris anymore!} Simply gorgeous and undeniably delicious.

I forgot which tea I had at Ladurée but all the teas they serve are from their own collection, which you can also buy at the counter to drink at home. It was definitely good, although in my honest opinion there's no tea in the world as good as the ones from Mariage Frères, where I did buy several kinds that I took home with me. Mariage Frères is THE place to go for tea in Paris, and they have a tea saloon which I'm dying to try as well. I might even like it better than Ladurée, who knows! Oh well, it will have to be for my next trip to Paris!

Visited on: October 10, 2013
Overall Quality: 5*
Price: Pricey! A tea costs around 7 euros and that Ispahan more than 10 euros, excluding tax!
Value for Money: 4.5*
Would I recommend it? Most certainly :)

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