September 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Less than a month left!

This is getting pretty serious now, our wedding is in 3 weeks and a half!!! Surprisingly, I'm not nervous at all. There's almost nothing left to prepare, everything is agreed on, and all our wedding vendors know what to do on our big day. This last week I've mainly been busy preparing our trips around Europe on the week before and the week after the wedding. We'll be traveling to Madrid, Paris and London. J is SO excited to get to watch both Real Madrid {Champions League match on October 2 in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid) and Barça (La Liga match on October 5 in Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona) on the same trip! Yeah, the latter is on the night before our wedding... Talk about a tight schedule!

I'm obviously more excited about the Paris and London trips, I haven't been to either of the two cities for quite a while! I need to do some research beforehand for yummy afternoon tea sets in London, and awesome French pastries in Paris. It's gonna be awesome! Don't think this is our honeymoon though, I already talked about our Maldives plans for that :) In fact, we'll be traveling with J's parents, auntie and sister, so it's 6 of us! I booked apartments instead of hotels in every city because it really makes a difference price-wise when so many people travel together. I liked organizing this trip because it gave me a glimpse of how it will be to travel with our kids once I've given birth to the four of them as we want :D Of course the accommodation is the only resemblance between this trip with J's family consisting of 6 adults, and the trips we'll have with our children, consisting of 2 adults and 4 little ones. Do I really know what I'm getting myself into? >.< 

Not only have I been planning our trips around Europe, I've also been sorting out our 10-day trip to Thailand in January, with my parents, my uncles, my brother and J, total 7 people. Now everything is booked, and I'm SO looking forward to this trip!!! We're going to Phuket and Bangkok and let me just tell you that the resorts we're gonna be staying at are to die for! Way better than the one J and I stayed at in Hua Hin for our pre-wedding trip, which I already loved! I may indeed die as a matter of fact, because this trip is gonna cost us even more than our honeymoon to the Maldives! OMG @@ Anyway, cheers to living life to the fullest!


  1. Sounds like you guys will have a blast! I can't wait for you to blog about them :D

    And 4 kids! Wow! lol

  2. great photo\!! :)0

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  3. WOW so much travelling!
    have fun and your wedding is so soon!!

  4. You must try the tea sets at Claridge's, the Ritz & the Dorchester but you need to book weeks in advance!

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