September 7, 2013

VFNO x Lane Crawford in Hong Kong

VFNO, a.k.a Vogue Fashion's Night Out happened in Hong Kong last night! I'm a declared fan of VFNO ever since 2011, when I joined the one in Madrid with my BFF Soraya and had A BLAST! VFNO is all about celebrating fashion in style, shops (luxury ones mainly) open at night time and serve drinks and snacks to all the fashionistas who willingly join the best fashion party of the year. There are usually several special discounts available only on this day!

Madrid VFNO, 2011

The VFNO in Hong Kong is different to those in other parts of the world in the fact that it happens exclusively at Lane Crawford, the multi-brand luxury retailer. All Lane Crawford branches took part in the event last night, even though the main party was going on at the IFC branch, which is where I was, of course!

This edition of VFNO didn't disappoint: free-flow of Veuve Clicquot champagne, beer, orange juice or a fancy coffee-flavored liquor; mouth-watering macarons from Sift; Popsicles, and many, many more booths made of this a great night. It was crowded, too, so it was definitely a success!

My favorite booth were the macarons from Sift... simply delicious, and there were SO many, the staff kept on refilling! I ate 5 or 6, I forgot haha

This booth had MAJOR success! Girls were queuing for a long time for this! The Bumbys gave you an honest and anonymous appraisal on your look by typing it on their typing machines. Entrepreneurs out there, you see the big opportunity here, girls are dying to know what others REALLY think of how they look :)

Beautiful actress and model Lynn Hung and other celebrities were there too!

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  1. looks like a fantastic event!
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