August 14, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our pre-wedding pics! (V/V)

Yes... alas, this is the last session of our pre-wedding pics! Awwww I loved sharing each of them with you and I'm kinda sad it's over! Well, cheer up, my Wedding Wednesday posts will continue as usual, and you'll get to read about other stuff from our wedding besides our pre-wedding pics which have occupied my blog for 5 weeks!

These were the last pics we took on that frantic 18 of May in which we took pics from 8AM until 11PM. So yes, we were basically exhausted by the time it was time for this last session. We still managed to do our best and keep on smiling, because we truly enjoyed the whole thing and this is once in a lifetime!

amwf wedding

Which was your favorite out of all the 5 sessions? You can take a look at all of them again by clicking here. And to narrow it down even more, which was your favorite picture??

amwf wedding

I loved how big the train of this dress was. With my crown and this big necklace I basically felt like Sissi the Empress of Austria :D

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at our pre-wedding pics as much as I loved sharing them with you. As I said in other posts, this is just a small selection, but those who attend our wedding will be able to see the whole thing. I'm so looking forward! Only 53 days to go!!!


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