August 7, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our pre-wedding pics! (IV/V)

This is my favorite out of all the pre-wedding pics sessions we took. I love my baby pink dress and J's blue blazer, the perfect girl&boy combo! I also love the place where these pics were taken, I felt like in a fairy tale during the entire photoshoot! With my pink dress, my flower crown, these huge gardens filled up with beautiful flowers in vibrant colors, and my very own prince charming, no wonder I felt like a Disney princess!

There were also plenty of J's all-time favorite flowers: the sunflowers. It was just an absolutely gorgeous venue. In case you were wondering were this is, it's another area of the big theme park I introduced on our second pre-wedding pics session post.

I guess I need to explain the context of the picture below or you won't have a clue what it means. As some of you already know, J was a top sportsman for several years, he was part of the national Hong Kong athletics team as a 100 Meter sprinter, hence the pic below where he wanted us to pretend the start of the race :)

Oh, J is also gifted at playing the violin, or at least he was when he was a kid, LOL :D Anyway, I think this violin prop suited him quite well.

I hope you liked this pre-wedding pics session. Isn't it totally prince&princess-like? Psst, Psst... Let me tell you a secret!! We chose one of the pics from this session for our wedding invitation cards!!! I'll let you guess which one ;)


  1. You look like a princess. Amazing pictures! :)

  2. beautiful pics, real princes :-)

  3. These are probably my favourite photos out of all of your sessions - you definitely look like a Disney princess! And what a stunning location that is.... gorgeous! I can't wait for you to reveal which photo you chose for your invitations - I'm going for the bottom left from the four-picture collage! :)


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