August 15, 2013

Haters gonna hate

Guess what, I caused a stir on the net! Yes, you can now find a 9-page long and counting thread on forum site about me and my relationship, featuring more than 30 pictures of myself and statements of opinion from all the members about my relationship, including bets on my divorce date and speculation about my romance with FC Barcelona's central defender Gerard Piqué. The threat is called Rate this Caucasian girl and her Asian fiance and you can read the whole thing by clicking here.

Everyone in the forum seems to agree J is a Hong Kong billionaire beta-providing for me for the rest of my life. Most of them even congratulated me on being such a clever girl for tying the knot with this rich Asian to secure a nice life ahead. Well, thank you, I also think J is a catch!

Now read carefully below!

Thank you for the praise on my pics. I try to have very high quality images on my blog, there's life after the mobile phone's camera! Something called DSLR... Wonder if you've ever heard of it. Oh, there's another software you may want to look into, it's called photoshop, for the lighting and stuff.

1. I never said my online store wasn't gonna be a job. There's more to work than doing it for someone else. I'm an entrepreneur happily devoting myself to my own project.
2. Could you read my sentence again? I said my store was launched a week ago, not that it took a week to launch it! There were several months of preparation for that to happen...
3. It's a casual book with lots of pics that will sell better than any boring academic stuff.

Oh, you again, hi there. Try 4. She will make four babies with him (yes, that's our plan) and live together happily ever after. We've even been stroller shopping!

Yes, it is :) J and I met in university five years ago. We were just friends in the beginning, although I had always secretly had a crush on him, and finally started going out together in senior year, three years ago. He's the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen (besides being the most caring and loving as well), one of my favorite parts from his body being zero chest hair. Eeeww to all those hairy caucasians out there! I would be more than happy if our babies were to look like J, wasn't he the most adorable thing? *o*

J is a billionaire! Woohoo! At least according to these guys below, who have known him for his whole life:

Now how awesome is my billionaire life?!


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  2. Omg that's absolutely despicable. But as you say, haters gonna hate !!
    Keep up the good work :)

  3. There is another thread as a response to your post :

  4. What can I say.....this people are soooooooooo wrong.

    It's so sad...these people are definitely sooooooooooooooo f***** bored.


  5. oh nos. this actually made me so sad. Don't people have better things to do with their time than speculate (rudely) about the lives of others?

  6. Olivia i can't even comprehend how ridiculous some people are!
    i love your blog and many others do too!
    just remember that whilst they are spending their time on the internet being incredibly prejudice, you have a wonderful partner and future life together

  7. Xenia! I'm just so shocked by this!!
    People really need to get a life...Please don't let it get at you :)

  8. ni et molestis en contestar tia, gent amb molt de temps lliure per inventar la vida dels demés amb molta facilitat i imaginació.

    No paro de visualitzar a un fotògraf seguinte les 24 hores del dia.. jajajaja!

    enfi, entenc que et molesti, però saps perfectament que són tonteries i que res del que diuen és veritat, així que que els petin!!

    un petó guapa!!

  9. Oh my goodness what jerks! So sorry this is happening, but I love your attitude about it! Keep on keepin' on, lady! We all love your blog!

  10. Olivia, I like your blog and loved it on

  11. Realment increïble. Com pot existir tanta enveja i poca feina en aquesta vida? Amb lo bonica que és i alguns, es dediquen a ennegrir-la i a fer mal, de fet en va! Perquè les males paraules no us prendran mai la felicitat.

    L'important és que vosaltres continueu sent així de feliços!

    Lo millor, passar d'ells totalment. Molts ànims!!!!

  12. this is not important. who cares what other people think???

    you both look happy and lovely together.yu love each other. who cares what anyone else thinks????


  13. This happened to me last year, it can be so vicious! I had to change everything from emails to blogs. I had even thought of stopping blogging all together, but in the end, I thought, who are these people? They sit at their computer and troll people who they know nothing about. They are just sad little people with nothing better to do with their time except pick on people who make something with their lives.

    You go Olivia! I love your blog (and your photos are indeed always beautiful!)

  14. If you are offended by the majority of that thread, then I can relieve you by saying that you misunderstand the humour; principally, you misunderstand the direction in which the derision is actually pointed. Hint: it's not at you, or your husband. As an active member of that forum, I can assure you of that.

    If you consider any of what you responded to or read - on any level - to be harassment or even intrusive, then you are a silly girl.

  15. Wow, havia de comentar aixo, es que em piiiixo!!
    Pensava que la gent de HK tenia mes feina... Ni t'immutis, quina mandra.

  16. Soc la Maria Valles, per cert.

  17. ppl are just jealous. Also, as an asian girl, I love it when there is a good-looking asian-white pair where the girl is white instead of the other way around. Keep the photos coming~~


  18. You are awesome!
    Love who you want to love.

    I'm Vietnamese and I married a Mexican/Portugese/Danish/Native American girl.
    We have a beautiful 5 yo boy and are expecting our second child (sex of baby still too early).

    This a wonderful world we live's truly global!

    Peace to you both.


  19. If it makes you feel any better, I get this kind of stuff all the time on my blog too (husband is Japanese).
    I LOVED reading about your wedding and y'all look awesome :)

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  21. The guys at the PUA and PUAhate are usually the same type of guy who dwell in the thought of how they can get a better women once they stepped out of their dungeon. In reality, they are beta actually. Alpha, beta, they label it as if Muscular guy is always automatically "alpha" while skinny guy is always a "beta".

    Knowledge, intelligence, they do not matter. Muscular alone can provide the good caring wife. That's in their fantasy world.

    Kudos to your management with their insults. Luckily the website has been taken down.

    I'm a Chinese guy, by the way.

  22. Olivia - I think it is helpful to so many just to see and hear your experiences. That you navigate the b.s. of the anon assholes and go on to do so well is inspiring.

  23. as an asian american guy myself, those guys are beta to me. lmao, they would not last a second with me, and not only that, asian men have 10x more class and ability then those gym muscle losers who got nothing but muslce milk shake to fuel their pathetic existence. then again, that forum is a pua forum so they speak from the point of view of, pick up terms. asian men are the real alpha men.

    1. none of those guys can afford a prenup or a wedding or a dslr, and they want to talk about alpha? lmao, get out of here... i know those guys are all pathetic poor (as in financially and mentally low lives). pua guys are THE MOST BETA OF ALL MEN. ive been there before. those guys dont have a girlfriend, they can't even afford a meal. get out of here, i hate that bs.

  24. I know this post is old, but I think that reminding people you like them is something we should never forget to do.
    Dita von Teese might not be the perfect match with you, but she said once: "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches" and I think this fits perfectly here.

    you are our awesome peach and we love you :)


    1. Thank you Valentina for your kind words, you're awesome!!! <3

  25. and people are right... you guys clearly didn't work out in the end. I feel sorry for your two kids. and for you to have the guts to post a photo with someone else just shortly after things didn't work out....


Thank you for your comments! I truly appreciate them!

xx Olivia