August 17, 2013

Giveaway! Amika: hairdo bar - CLOSED

Hi girls! Read carefully because you're gonna loooove the giveaway I've prepared for you today. On Tuesday this week I visited Amika: hairdo bar, which just landed in Hong Kong straight from New York City. Amika doesn't cut or color your hair like other hair salons, they specialize in styling your hair with blowouts and  updos. They have their own product range and use their own products exclusively, which is pretty awesome! I loved the pleasant fragrance of the products, simply irresistible! 

Amika offers three different kinds of services: blowout, updo or styling. The updos are priced at HK$550, the blowouts at HK$280and the styling at HK$180. Styling is basically a blowout without hair wash, but using dry shampoo instead. The updos don't include hair wash either, since it's apparently better if hair was washed a day earlier for the updo to hold firm. 

There's a menu with 4 different styles for each of the categories, but you can actually tell your stylist what you'd like best and she will happily make some adjustments to the original style for you. You can drink champagne, smoothies or water while flipping through fashion magazines during the hairstyling process, great!

And... here comes THE GIVEAWAY! I got THREE free blowouts to share with you girls! Each coupon entitles its owner to a free blowout at Amika: hairdo bar, priced at HK$280, including hair wash, blowout and drinks! Amika is located in 8 Elgin Street, SoHo.

Here are the steps to enter the giveaway, good luck!

1. LIKE Amika: hairdo bar on Facebook here.
2. LIKE my Facebook page here.
3. Send me a private message on my Facebook page with your email.

Easy, right? :) This giveaway is open to girls in Hong Kong only, and will end on Tuesday the 20th of August at 9.00 PM. The winners will be selected randomly. I'll publish the winners on this same post, as well as on my Facebook page, and I'll notify them personally by email. Best of luck!!!

The winners of the giveaway are: 1. Sara Main 2. Jennifer Daley 3. Laura EleaEfe 

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  1. Wow, how cool is this place?! I definitely want to visit!



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