August 3, 2013

Cafe Loisl - Vienna Coffeehouse in Hong Kong

There is no other place in Europe where I like cafes more than in Vienna. I consider myself a very lucky girl, having had the chance to visit lots of European cities and countries. Out of all of them, Vienna beats the rest when it comes to amazing cafes, with their elegant atmosphere, great coffee and superb cakes {yes, the cakes are my favorite part!}. 

Vienna coffee houses rank among the oldest in the Western world, together with those in Venice, Warsaw and Oxford. The whole Austrian capital is filled with timeless elegance, but there's something truly magic about its cafes. 

Loisl cafe in Hong Kong didn't disappoint as a Vienna coffeehouse. It is much less "grand" than its Austrian counterparts, but the savoir-faire is there. An extensive list of different kinds of coffee, as it's a must in Austria, together with more than acceptable Austrian cakes, make of this a small hidden gem in Sheung Wan. I don't know if the fact that it was a rainy weekday had any effect on the cafe being almost empty. Anyway, it was nice being able to sit in a cafe in Hong Kong without being surrounded by a crowd!

There's a tea set at HK$68 including a slice of cake and a drink, so both Juliana and I went for it. I had the quintessential Viennesse cake, the Sachertorte. The Sachertorte is a dense chocolate cake invented by Franz Sacher in Vienna in 1832. I tried many Sachertorte in Austria, including the most renowned one at Vienna's Hotel Sacher, and I can tell the one from Cafe Loisl was not the same since I can't remember feeling any apricot jam in it, but still good for a Sacher fix. 

Needless to say the coffee was good as well. Overall a very nice experience I'm willing to repeat real soon!

Visited on: July 22, 2013
Overall Quality: 4*
Price: HK$68 + 10% service charge for a coffee and a cake
Value for Money: 4*
Would I recommend it? Yes, if like me you've fallen in love with the cafes in Vienna, you'll be glad a place like this exists in Hong Kong!

I was wearing the mini roses ivory skirt from my shop Frill Me.


  1. it looks so lovely!!

  2. I've been there a few times - great little place. I wrote about it on my blog too


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