July 31, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our pre-wedding pics! (III/V)

This is the most special of all our pre-wedding pics sessions. It is completely J's style. While I love pink and cute, he loves elegant and cool. This whole styling was his idea, and I'm very pleased with the result! Having pics with 5 different dresses, it's nice to have such a different one like this, specially when J loves it that much ^^

I have to admit this might just be my favorite hair and make-up out of all the 5 sessions. It's so elegant and sexy with the red lips, I love it!

This and the beach session were definitely the hottest! There were so many lights in this studio it was terribly hot!!! Plus this dress was really thick... Anyway, I like the final result a lot, some of the pics in black&white are really nice, my favorites are the first and the last one, I think they are full of love mixed with passion and they could very well be in a magazine! :D How do you like this indoor session?


  1. great photos... looking very Vogue alike ;)

  2. I love the 6th photo! Your hair and makeup is just gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful photos, I love this art-deco style! They are definitely timeless and classic - you both look gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous! If you are not already you should both be models. Should be in a magazine :)


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xx Olivia