July 27, 2013

Shiseido - The Skincare

I might have found the perfect set of moisturizers for my skin, and here I am to share all about it with you! I'm talking about Shiseido's The Skincare range: the Day Moisture Protection, the Night Moisture Recharge, and the Hydro-Nourishing Softener.

You might remember I reviewed Sisheido's The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge previously, and mentioned how much I loved it! After having been using the night moisturizer for a while, I decided to jump in all the way and get the day moisturizer, as well as the softener. These moisturizers have proven to be really effective on my combination skin. 

I use the Hydro-Nourishing Softener before using the moisturizer, both at day and night time, and I find it enhances the moisturizer a lot. In other words, it prepares the skin in order to get all the benefits from the moisturizer. I really think it makes a difference, because I had been using the Night Moisture Recharge without the Softener previously, and I find the results are better when both are used together. The way to apply the Hydro-Nourishing Softener is put some on a cotton pad and apply to the skin. What I do, however, is skip the cotton pad all the way and apply it directly with my finger tips. The softener is a bit more dense than water as you may see from my picture, so if you do it fast enough it's perfectly possible to apply it with your bare hands. This way you save a lot of product that doesn't get lost in the cotton pad!

My favorite things about this set are as follows: it provides a good moisture that soaks into the skin easily without being sticky; it has a very nice light scent; it comes in a hygienic and convenient pump bottle; and, finally and most importantly, the results on my skin are obvious: my face is more hydrated and softer, with an overall healthy glow. As I mentioned when I reviewed the Night Moisture Recharge, the price of one of these bottles in Europe is about 50€, crazy! Luckily it's just about 30 (HK$300 in Hong Kong).

Once again, in Hong Kong I recommend getting yours at Lung Shing, the cosmetics store with the best deals in town, located on 28 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui. You can get a bottle for a bit more than HK$200 there, so the price is not an issue anymore. They may not have the whole set, in which case you may try in Sasa, where the price is just slightly more expensive than in Lung Shing.


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  2. i've heard many great things about this brand!
    great post, i'd love to try their products out in the future :D
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