July 19, 2013

Fleur de Sel - Crepes in Hong Kong

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a western non-Italian restaurant to take my Italian friend Giacomo and her Chinese fiancée, who where visiting Hong Kong. I thought a creperie would be the perfect choice, so I booked a table at Fleur de Sel, in Central. The restaurant is run by French people so the crepes you get here are the real thing! Unfortunately, you also get the arrogant French service... What a pitty! All the crepes we ordered where delicious, but the service kind of ruined the whole meal. The waiter didn't smile at all during our visit, his attitude was incomprehensibly uptight. When we asked to get some tap water, he said, and I quote: "I don't do this, I don't have a filter. So do you want still or sparkling water?" Er... hello? For me not having tap water it's unacceptable, but even more inadmissible is saying so with that long face and without a "sorry for the inconvenience" or something along those lines.

The straw that broke the camel's back came at the end of the meal, when we asked for the bill and the bill was wrong. They changed one of the crepes to a more expensive one and, believe me, I'm sure it was on purpose. Luckily I always double check. 

Fleur de Sel
51 Graham Street, Soho

Visted on: July 7, 2013
Overall Quality: It's difficult rating this because the food is as good as the service is bad. I think service is one of the most important things in hospitality, so I'll rate this 2.5*
Price: About HK$100 for a salty crepe and cheaper for the sweet ones
Value for Money: It would be a 4.5* taking only the food into consideration
Would I recommend it? Not really... There's this other creperie in Wan Chai I tried before though, the owner is French too but he is SO nice, and the crepes are just as good! I should write a review soon! The name of the place is La Creperie, located at 1/F, Kui Chi Mansion, 100-102 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai.

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  1. Nothing more annoying in a restaurant than bad service. Those crepes look delicious though, what a shame! Cute top by the way :)


  2. Hey Olivia

    OMG - I had the EXACT same experience at Fleur de Sel with the wrong bill (a much more expensive one, needless to say!) being brought... and with zero apology once it was pointed out. Really makes me wonder if like you say it was deliberate. They were pretty rude and arrogant throughout the entire meal to me too so regardless of how good the crepes were, I doubt I'd go back.

    Totally agree that La Creperie is superior! I reviewed it on my blog here too (http://rachttlg.com/2012/04/06/la-creperie-restaurant-review-why-every-day-should-be-pancake-day/) and they've since opened another branch in Sheung Wan too. I've been to both and the staff are much nicer AND the crepes are better yay! Have you tried the salted caramel one? Drooooool. x


Thank you for your comments! I truly appreciate them!

xx Olivia