July 21, 2013

Dear Stockings...

If there's something I miss during summer is wearing stockings. I'm a stockings passionate, I love wearing them from fall to spring, but it's just too much for summer. We're in the middle of July and my inner fashionista can't put up with this anymore. That's why last night I dressed up with three of my favorite shoes and three of my favorite stockings, just to remember how it feels to wear them and, since they look so pretty, take some pictures while I was at it.

Zara (TRF) Black Heels & Nude Stockings with Black Ankle Hearts

Shoe Mint Adrienne Heels & Black Stockings with Black Dots

Carven Light Pink Big Bow Pumps & White Stockings

Is there anything at all you miss during the warm season?


  1. Reconec que no sóc la fan més gran de portar mitges (m'encanta l'estiu i no haver de cobrir-me!) però sempre he admirat el valor que tens al portar-ne de tant diferents. Jo m'he promès atrevir-me amb les vermelles quan arribi l'hivern!

    Un petonet

  2. Those Carvens in pink are so adorable!


  3. Where may I find the nude stocking with the black ankle hearts?


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xx Olivia