July 12, 2013

Airplay : blowouts, updos and makeup in Hong Kong!

After being in Japan for 4 days and seeing the amazing hair girls have there, I decided it was time for me to get a nice hairstyle of my own. I mean, seriously, Japanese girls seem to have just been out from the hairdresser all the time! How is that even possible, huh? Secret, please? Anyway, I decided to go to the newly open Airplay blow dry bar, which landed in Hong Kong a month ago and it's already the new buzz in the city. 

Airplay blow dry bar is not your conventional hair salon. They specialize in blowouts and updos, meaning that this is not the place to go to get your hair cut, you go here exclusively to get a fabulous hairstyle for a special occasion, or just for any day you feel like it really! Say you have a date at 8pm and you're just out from work around 6pm with your hair not looking its best after a long day. Well, now all you have to do is head over to Airplay and you'll be all set in an hour! In case your make-up needs some retouching as well, don't worry, they offer make-up service, too! How cool?! Reservations are recommended in advance, but if you eventually have an emergency, you could just call and ask whether they could fit you in their schedule. They have two different kind of make-up services, a simple one for 15 minutes for HK$180, and a full make-up service for 45 minutes for HK$380 called "Party Queen". I just love the names they gave to all their services, keep reading and you'll understand what I'm talking about...

Blowouts and updos cost HK$280 and come with an aromatic shampoo bar, meaning they wash your hair before proceeding to the hair setting, and in no ordinary way! They have six shampoo shots for you to choose! Each of them has a different scent (cherry blossom, green tea, jasmin, blueberry, mandarine...), and a different function, too! My favorite scent was blueberry but I finally went for green tea because it had the function of giving extra volume to the hair, which is what I needed for the hairstyle I wanted! My hair is naturally super straight, and I chose their "Mojito" hairstyle, which is with lots of curls and volume, so the volumizing shampoo kinda was a must.

You may be wondering why the hairstyle I chose is called Mojito instead of simply Curly with volume or something like that. Well, Airplay blow dry bar plays with the idea of a "bar" so all their blowouts and updos have cocktail names! In fact, they also have Mocktails which is the same service but for girls under ten, and for just HK$150! I thought that was so witty! 

So I visited Airplay last week Thursday at 2pm and I was greeted by the charming manager Olympe, who showed me around and introduced the concept to me. She gave me the blowouts and updos menu, which comes with pictures so that you know what you're choosing, and the shampoo shots for me to smell and choose! I recommend you choose your hairstyle first, because you might need a special shampoo for it, like in my case, because I chose the curly Mojito I needed the green tea shampoo that could give more volume to my hair. 

Everything at Airplay is done efficiently yet in a relaxing way. The hair washing comes with a three-minute head massage, which I looooved! Then back to my seat I was offered sparkling rosé, green tea cookies and a French heart-shapped biscuit. You can choose tea or water instead of the rosé if, say, you go to Airplay early in the morning and you're still not up for it! This was the first time for me to be at a hair salon where there's no mirror in front of me but behind me! In fact in front of me there were two huge TVs streaming Project Runway and a movie of Sarah Jessica Parker. There were a bunch of magazines, too, of course.

TVs on the left, mirrors on the right!

I had a really great time, I mean, let's face it, I love getting pampered, plus the stylists were really nice, so it was a wonderful experience I couldn't recommend enough. I'd say my hair turned up marvelous, judge by yourselves...

And this is me with Olympe, the gorgeous Airplay blow dry bar manager:

7/F, W Pace, 52 Wyndham St., Central, Hong Kong
Appointments: 2641 9888
Opening hours: Mon-fri: 8am-9pm ; sat 11am-9pm

Enjoy getting fabulous!

I was wearing blouse and necklace from my shop Frill Me.


  1. That looks like such a cool salon. I love all the little details that they include like the cookies and the drink! And your hair - gorgeous ;)


  2. looks so fabulous!
    your hair looks great
    i must find a similar place here in melbourne :)


  3. nice pics;DDD

    new post


  4. Love your hair, you're gorg!

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter

  5. wow, lovely...
    and you look great in yellow!!!

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