June 26, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: More from my bachelorette party because...

Today I wanted to post these unpublished pictures of my amazing bachelorette party because... my dear friend and bridesmaid-to-be, Eva, just gave birth to her first son last Saturday! Now with this said, this is more of a Motherhood Monday post than a Wedding Wednesday one, but here it goes anyway :) 

Eva is the first of my closest friends since childhood to become a mom, and I'm beyond touched by her new mama happiness. I can't wait to meet the little in my wedding three months from now!

The first "baby-shock" of my life was five years ago, when my cousin, who is two years older than me, gave birth to her first daughter. I remember waiting in the hospital hallway for a long time for her to come out of the labour room and, when she finally did, I burst out in tears and couldn't stop for like 10 minutes! It was the first time someone so dear to me became a mom and it was more than emotional me could bear with. Have you ever shed tears of joy like that? Words cannot describe!


  1. Aww, these pictures are so cute!

    One of my best friends is pregnant, and I can't wait to see her baby!

    xoxo, Aman

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  2. beautiful photos!!
    congrats to your friend

  3. The experience was awesome. My cousin picked this dress for her bridesmaids and I love it. It's a snug fit but it doesn't make me feel squeezed or anything like that.

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