June 8, 2013

Miniature Hong Kong in Telford Plaza

The Pawn in Wan Chai

Telford Plaza in Kowloon Bay is having an amazing exhibition going on these days. Iconic stores and places from Hong Kong are being displayed in mini size! An awesome way to get to know more about Hong Kong by looking at its miniature landmarks. All the places are real and exist currently or existed before, and each construction has a tag with the name of the store/place. I loved it! Some residential constructions do really seem doll houses, so pretty! Expect to find stores, restaurants, houses, a hospital, a cinema, a pig slaughterhouse, and iconic places like The Pawn in Wan Chai! 
I work in Kowloon Bay and had never seen a better exhibition in Telford Plaza, so this week I asked J to come pick me up and take a look together while snapping some pics to share it with all of you! Then this morning TVB (Hong Kong's main TV station) was talking about it, so I expect Telford to be crowded this weekend :) Take a look and discover this amazing city that is Hong Kong...

Chinese Jewelry store

Dim Sum Restaurant

Western Bakery

Lovely Easter party

Western bakery

Chicken stall at the street market

Worship products store

Chinese pharmacy
The hospital, where someone is trying to steal a baby, that was a bit creepy -.-'

Cage houses in Hong Kong... This is a side from Hong Kong you probably didn't know about. Hong Kong real estate is one of the most expensive in the world, and some people can't afford anything else than these cages...

Cage house. Only one person fits in it.

Pig slaughterhouse

One of my favorites! The place to hit bad people heheh A very old Chinese tradition, you bring the pic of your enemies to these people and they will hit them and wish them bad luck xD

And this is me next to Antique Patisserie! I've actually been to this place and blogged about it, it has one of my favorite afternoon tea sets in town! :)


  1. yay, olivia thanks for posting photos of in and outer appearance of china you made a tour for us in this post. Good luck hope you come back soon in your country with your husband

  2. this is so cool!! i've been following your blog for a while and i really love it c:
    i'm coming back home to hk this coming week and i'm really excited to check out some of the places you've blogged about

    à la foliee

  3. wow that's so amazing!
    i never knew about the cages, so sad

  4. OMG *-* it's wonderful *_*

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