June 16, 2013

Afternoon tea at Portal - Langham Place Hotel

Tomorrow set

We've been to the Langham Place Hotel in Mong Kok today for afernoon tea. I hadn't been to afternoon tea for quite a while now! The afternoon tea at the Langham Place Hotel is served at Portal, on the 5th floor, a modern bar perfect for working with your laptop while having a cup of coffee. I didn't like this kind of atmosphere for afternoon tea, as I prefer more classic or cute venues.

The special thing at the Langham Place Hotel is there are four afternoon tea sets to choose from! These sets are: Forever, Sinful, Tomorrow and East. We ordered the Tomorrow set but upon arrival of the set to our table, we asked to change to Forever, since we were quite hungry and the Tomorrow set consisted of really tiny stuff!

Forever set

The Forever set was overall a disappointment. The best thing were the scones {3 plain and 3 raisin}, then the sandwiches were not really good, and same goes for the sweet petit fours on top. J told me I had to take price into consideration too, meaning that at HK$316 this is a cheap high tea set, but the truth is there's other tea sets out there for about the same price that are way better, like the one at Le Gouter Bernardaud, LGB

We had a nice and relaxing afternoon, but I wouldn't really recommend coming here for afternoon tea! Their food is just not worth it.

Overall Quality: 2.5*
Price: HK$288 + 10% service charge
Value for Money: 2.5*
Would I recommend it? Portal is a nice place to sit for a while and enjoy a cup of coffee, but I wouldn't recommend their afternoon tea set.


  1. looking stunning in red!!!
    Stop by Little Miss Twiggy :)

  2. I love afternoon tea! However, I have difficulty finding one that is either not over the top with decor or is not overly modern. Great post and cute outfit! I absolutely adore your red dress! So chic.

    Have a great week!

  3. I've never had afternoon tea before. I live in California, and I haven't heard of any tea venues likes this. (I love tea though, and I like having tea partie)& the pictures you took are so cute, and you look fabulous in that dress!

    I'm totally in love with you blog!! Following now! x

    It would mean so much to me if you were to check out mine as well.



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