May 22, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette! (II/II)

Woohoo! Here is the second part of the amazing bachelorette party my friends organized for me last month! Feel free to take a look at the first part if you still haven't! So after we finished lunch, off we went to our next stop... my surprise party at a cupcakes shop!!! It was SO awesome when I got in there and I saw the whole thing they had prepared for me. I felt so touched I couldn't help but crying... Thank you girls for all the effort you put on my bridal shower, it was an unforgettable day for me, and hopefully for all of you, too! 

The venue was Victoria's cakes, and it was all decorated for me in my favorite colors, pink and white, with my first name Xenia on a banner {Olivia is my middle name as I mentioned previously}. There were cupcakes, cake pops, sandwiches...

and a big gorgeous princess-like cake!

We ate, drank tea, chit-chatted, took pics, and I received some presents! Mainly bridal underwear! :D Thank you so much once again, I feel so blessed to have friends like you.

Here are some pics with my bridesmaids-to-be! There's still one missing, my friend Connie from Hong Kong who will join my wedding too! Woohoo! 

I'm sososo happy and thankful. Love you all!

PS. J and I have been taking our gorgeous pre-wedding pics this last weekend. Remember to follow me on instagram or facebook for I've been posting plenty of nice sneak peeks!


  1. wow!!
    I love all !!
    Have a nice day!
    I am waiting for you dear!!


  2. great decoration, delicioous cakes, and all of you look super sweet :D

    Check out LittleMissTwiggy :)

  3. pretty pics; >>

    new post!!!!

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