May 20, 2013

Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is the American suburb of Hong Kong. Practically isolated from the city, it's filled up with expatriates with children who like to live away from the city buzz. It's located half an hour by ferry from Central, in Lantau Island. J and I are planning on moving to a bigger place after our wedding, so we're now enjoying visiting all the residential areas in Hong Kong we'd consider living in. Our current apartment has two bedrooms but we turned one of them into our dressing room so there is no space for a baby... Anyway, I didn't like Discovery Bay at all, it's so inconvenient! I guess this is what a suburbia is like after all, and it is not for me. You can only get to Discovery Bay by ferry or bus, no cars are allowed! Crazy @@ I can't imagine living there regardless of their beautiful beach. Besides, I got 40 mosquito bites, OMG! I don't think you'll be seeing me around there anytime soon!

Have a lovely week and remember that I'll be launching my new online store this Thursday! Stay tunned! {Dress and earrings available on my store on Thur!}


  1. fine sunglasses; DDD

    new post !!

  2. looking sweet :) love the color combination :)

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  3. Fabulous post! I love it:) I'm definitely thinking that your blog is always more cute!
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  4. Hi Olivia,

    Look forward to your online store! x


  5. Beautiful blog and pics... love your outfit from head to toe... so stunning! Check out my last blog post... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?


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