April 4, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding planning at its height!

I'm on my way to Barcelona {literally, I'm in my stop-over in Doha right now!}, where I'm gonna be for 10 days with a full schedule getting everything ready for the wedding!!! I need to meet with the caterers, the photographers, musicians, floristry, make-up artist, hairstylist and candy bar company. Wow! I'm not even sure how I managed to fit all that into a week! Because the last three days of my trip are completely reserved for my girls, who will be throwing me a BRIDAL SHOWER on Saturday the 13th of April! OMG!!! I'm super excited about everything that's to come these next few days! Soraya, from Madrid, and Jamie, from the Uk, are coming to my place on Friday and are spending two nights here with me! Hello pajama party!!! Then the three of us are off to the airport and back to our normal lives! Which is nothing bad at all, because that means going back to my love, from whom I'll be away for TWELVE nights!!! I hate that he couldn't make it to the wedding planning this week, but he has too much work in Hong Kong:( Oh well, don't worry honey, I'll make sure to take your taste into consideration :D Exciting days ahead!!!

Picture via Wedding by Color


  1. cute!! ;0)

    i invite to me too


  2. beautifull...


  3. hi dear.. nice sharing.. hope everything will be success :)

  4. Great news dear ^_^ Have lots of fun!

  5. Yujuuuuuuu....soooo excited to see you an have to spend 2 days with you :)

    Can't wait for the Bachelorrette Shower!!!!

    Love u lots

  6. How exciting! Safe travels and have fun!!

  7. Man, I'm offline for a few weeks & you're already this far...!?
    Exciting! :D

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